Bridges to Wellness: Pilot Program

Now welcoming pregnant women and women with opiate addiction who have Buckeye, Caresource, United Health Care, or Molina.

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When you are struggling with an illness, overcome by a recent tragedy, or faced with difficult financial or emotional situations, it can be difficult to muster up the energy to do anything - let alone search for all of the possible support services available to you. It should be easy, not confusing, to find what you need in order to be healthy.

Access Tuscarawas now offers Bridges to Wellness, a program that connects families to local resources to help them become stronger and healthier. Through Bridges to Wellness, families can access all the services they need in one place by working with an experienced community health worker who will come to their homes, listen to their needs, and work with them to create a plan to make sure their needs are met.

Bridges to Wellness can help families with the following:

  • finding the right insurance
  • choosing a doctor
  • connecting to programs to stop smoking
  • assisting with addiction recovery
  • finding diapers and other baby supplies
  • finding transportation
  • obtaining assistance to afford food and medications
  • identifying affordable housing
  • receiving counseling
  • answering pregnancy and parenting questions
  • and more

Bridges to Wellness can also help with family planning, postpartum, childcare, opportunities for job training and education, etc.

Mission & Purpose of Bridges to Wellness: Bridges to Wellness is a program of Access Tusc which links individuals who have medical and social barriers to resources in Tuscarawas County and surrounding communities. A Community Health Worker will assist them through 20+ pathways to improve health and position them to continue on a path of wellness.

For more information, contact us at (330) 308-3591 or e-mail

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For Health and Social Service Professionals

Learn more about how the Bridges to Wellness program works, and how you can use it to connect families to community resources, by downloading the PDF below. 

Download How it Works Flyer

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