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Before You Ride

Below are notices and requirements that are beneficial and important, such that each individual inquiring about using Access Tusc Transit Services will and should need to know ahead of time.  

Notices and Requirements


Trip Reservations

All trips that are scheduled in advance is on a first come, first serve basis while bringing in factors of time and availability. Reservations for trips must be requested 48 business hours prior to requested pick up time. Call 234-801-8007 to schedule trips.

Trips cannot be scheduled by telling a driver or leaving a voicemail. 

Please have the following information ready when scheduling trips:

1. Name and DOB

2. Telephone Number

3. Pick-up and Drop off Addresses

4. Home Address

5. Mobile Devices

6. Care Attendant, Children Riding, Service Animal?

Same day add-on trips will be accommodated if there are openings on that day's schedule.


Call A Ride Service

A Shared-Ride Service means that you might have to leave your house a little earlier than you would if you were traveling privately. You may also have to wait a little longer for your return trip home so that other trips can be coordinated with yours. Our schedulers and drivers work hard each and every day to try and accommodate all of their passengers, trying hard to make a schedule with the least amount of wait times. Door to door service is available providing you have a free, clear, and safe path from the door of your home to the door of the bus, and that your lane in the driveway is safe for our buses and for transporting clients.


Capacity Limitations

We allow our riders to bring groceries and other purchases on board. However, items are limited to what the rider can safely carry on and off the vehicle in one boarding without the assistance of the driver and hold on their lap in the transit vehicle . We reserve the right to limit the number of bags and the size of packages allowed on the vehicle at the discretion of the driver, based on capacity and other criteria. Each rider is allowed 3 grocery bags (items) or whatever fits on your lap, per ride.

Due to the fact that this is a shared ride service, capacity may not always be available at the day and time that you are requesting. Capacity is an important and critical aspect when it comes to shared-ride services, making sure that all passengers aboard and comfortably and safely seated during all trips. Trips may not always be accommodated due to capacity restraints. Although the day and time that are you requesting might work for you, there are times where the trip is not possible our drivers.

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