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Access Tusc

Our Mission:
Access Tusc will actively collaborate, educate, and coordinate social and health services of Tuscarawas and surrounding counties to establish effective relationships to improve access and integrated care for the communities that we serve.


Second Annual


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Why Access Tusc?


No matter what your crisis, concern, or question, one of our many partner organizations in Tuscarawas County can help you find help, solutions, and answers.

Tuscarawas County is home to a broad network of social service and health organizations. All of these organizations are here to provide support to the citizens of Tuscarawas County, but sometimes it’s difficult to know where you should go to find the help you need. Access Tusc was formed for this purpose. Approximately 24 partner organizations united in late 2014 to provide a common resource to our community. As a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, we are passionate about connecting community members with the services they need.

Our Services

Our Promise to You
Find the Help you Need

Access Tusc is your key to our county’s local resources. 

We are here for you. As a non-profit, we connect all of our social service organizations in the County to support you and your needs. Together, we are here to listen, to care, and to help.

No runarounds. All of our front-line staff in our agencies are trained to properly handoff someone from one place to another. When you visit an agency, they’ll provide a roadmap for you to ensure you know where you need to go next to receive the help you need. 

We equip and educate the people who are here to help you, including physicians, staff, community leaders, professionals, social service leaders, and community members through seminars, forums, and online learning.

2022 in Numbers


Transit Miles Traveled


BTW Contracted Care Coordination Agencies


Increase in Individuals Served 

Partner Impact Statements

“The Tuscarawas County Senior Center strives to meet the needs of the 50 North population. The growing challenges means looking beyond our walls for resources. Partnering with Access Tusc has been instrumental in connecting our members and their families with healthcare providers, behavioral health providers, health insurance, financial assistance, employment, domestic violence advocates, and more. Partnering has also provided our agency with the skills and knowledge to link our members with social service resources for rental assistance, food assistance, transportation, clothing, legal assistance, utility assistance, and so much more!  .”

Marley Miller LSW, CHW, Tuscarawas County Senior Center

Thank You to Our Funders

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